What’s up with Oral Surgeons ????

When you have a bad tooth ache or are in pain from your wisdom teeth, you are recommended to see an Oral Surgeon.  You say OK.  Now you call the office, you’re in pain (nothing is more painful than a tooth ache) and they say to you “the dr. can see you in 3 weeks for a consult first”.  Your first thought is “are you kidding me, 3 weeks!!!!!”


Now the search continues, you call other offices and they say the same thing.  I get it, they are busy, but how is a person to live and go on with their daily lives with that kind of pain.  Impossible.

A good friend of Lauren’s is going though that right now.  We can relate to her, because when Lauren was having pain with her wisdom teeth, she had to wait almost a month before they would see her.  Even with her transplant team from Boston calling, nothing sooner.

In this day and time, when a person needs medical care, especially for mouth pain, it should be addressed. Any comments on this subject ?????????



5 thoughts on “What’s up with Oral Surgeons ????

  1. I’m lucky that I can get in to see a dentist within a couple of days, but that’s because we pay upfront for dental treatment in the UK. It’s a different story trying to get an appointment with the GP, where we often have to wait for weeks or have to go to an out of hours service. As much as I love the NHS, these kind of issues definitely need to be addressed!


  2. While I’m not having oral issues, I am going through an ankle tendon issue and had to fight to get an appointment moved up then had to beg to be seen almost 2 weeks ago for a same day appointment as I sustained another injury to said ankle. MRI results shown its torn in two spots. Discuss with Ortho Doc next week the surgery route. I hope Lauren can find relief. Tell her to keep calling around, stand her ground.


  3. Tooth pain is the worst and I know that sometimes you have to wait an unconscionable amount of time before being seen. Used to be they saved room in their day for emergencies? Don’t know what’s changed? More emergencies, or more greed?


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