Obstacles & Emotions

It has been quite awhile since I have written on my site.  Our lives have been very busy over the summer.  Ok, who’s life isn’t busy.  It’s just been priorities and really no time to put thoughts together.

I have been dealing with a lot of emotional thoughts and dilemma’s.  How to handle certain obstacles and emotions in personal situations.  In the last months, emotions have been happy, sad and hurt .  

Since being home from the hospital after my daughter had her heart transplant, it has been 2 years  4 months.  Memories are still strong, but I have been working to ease my thoughts.  It’s not easy, but life needs to move forward.  I have  wonderful support from my family being my husband, my son and daughter and my daughter-in-law.  Also I cannot forget my wonderful friends.

Some people I have found just don’t get the emotional trauma someone endures when being in a stressful environment for a lengthly period of time.  The most hurtful thing I have been told was “get over it, move on”.  Some people think I just keep dwelling on the past.  I sit there and cry inside and say to myself  “for one day try to put yourself in my shoes during that time”.  Trust me I do not want sympathy just understanding.

When someone wants to talk this quote says it all:

“The major dilemma is that we tend to listen to reply, while all we should do is: listen to understand and feel.”

Everyone has major dilemma’s in their own lives, let’s try to listen to understand instead of passing judgement.