My Daughter wrote this…

Finally got the ‘courage’ to start reading my Mom’s book- Strength in a Heartbeat, where I left off.. and I’m blown away with everything I/my family went through. There are things I went through that I had no idea.
Needing an organ transplant is far from how they protray it in the movies. There isn’t that special room in every hospital that just keeps healthy organs ready to go. All coming with zero complications and a lifetime guarantee. HA! Some people may only wait days, others months (I waited 9 months & 16 days) or years, while some never get ‘the call’ or even put on the list.
If you’d like to learn more about our incredible journey and what I had to go through, just to be able to write this post today, check out Lynne Matosky Robitaille new book.. Strength in a Heartbeat.
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Thank you to those who have already purchased & read it! 🖤💜