“On The List” a must read

I came across a wonderful book written by Lori D. Brackney.  Lori received her gift of life, a new heart in 2013.

Lori Brackney’s story is about her courageous journey through heart transplantation and organ rejection.


When I came across this book and her story I could not believe, here is a young lady that has almost the same story as my daughter Lauren.  They are about the same age, and lived the same life in the same year.  Our stories are little different, but in generality the same.

Lauren reached out to Lori, and now they talk all the time.  Lori lives in Oregon.  It is our goal one day to be able to meet.

I am still in the process of completing my book about our journey (hopefully soon), but in the mean time, here is a wonderful book  about Lori’s story.

Click the link below to be able to purchase your copy:


I feel very honored, to have a signed copy. Thank you Lori.

Please purchase yours, you will be mesmerized reading how courageous this young lady is and the strength she has.

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