On the radio today with Bax & O’Brien 5-29-15

DonateLife Logo CMYK_large20150529_080312 (3)This morning Lauren and I were invited to be on the Bax & O’Brien radio show.  What an experience we had!!!!!!!  This has been in the works for awhile, planning the date, but today was the day. Talk about being nervous.  Now if you have ever listened to them you know what I am talking about.  You never know what is going to come out of their mouths, especially O’Brien.  Before we went on, we told them to be kind ;).  being live radio.

As you can guess the reason we were there was to help promote Organ Donor Awareness..

So we arrived at the studio at 8:20, our time was 8:45.  When we enter Steve Nagle came to greet us, then brought us down to the studio.  It was so cool to actually watch them do the radio show.  Lauren kept telling me she was so nervous, because after they were done doing the news we were on next.  Well when they called us in and we met them, they made us feel very comfortable and Lauren was ready, after she first joked and asked them to play another song.

The lights went on that said ON AIR.  They introduced us and Lauren was ready.  All nerves were gone.  She was such a natural.  She talked about her experience when she had her heart transplant then went on to talk about how people can sign up to become Organ Donors.  When you feel very passionate about a subject, it is very easy to express yourself.  As I sat there just watching and listening to Lauren talk, I felt nothing more than pride for her.  She sounded so professional and relaxed at the same time.  Then Bax asked me a question, I know I didn’t sound as eloquent as Lauren did.  He caught me off guard, I had tears in my eyes, watching Lauren doing her thing.

I have been telling Lauren her mission in life now is to help others.  There is a reason she survived all the surgeries and received a perfect heart. Being a spokes person for Donate Life is now her calling.  When we left the studio and got into the car, Lauren said “she is high on life”  That was the first time I ever heard her say that.  It’s the best feeling in the world.  If you can do something that makes you happy and proud of what you do in life, you can have that high feeling everyday.  A purpose to get up and start the day. Not many people have that,

So look out world Lauren Meizo is on her way finally…………..

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Bax & O’Brien, and Steve for inviting us on the show and giving Lauren the platform to talk about Organ Donation.

I think if you missed the show it will be on their website tomorrow http://baxandobrien.rock102.com/

Have a wonderful day

Lynne & Lauren