Educate, we are always educating people every day.  It could be as simple as giving directions or giving a speech in a filled hall.  We are always looking for something new, better more appealing and in doing so we study different brands, reviews and websites.

Let;s say for instance you buy a new toy for your child.  You open the box, take out all the piece’s, with confidence you try to put it together.  Then you realize, you have no clue what in the world you are doing.  So you reach for the directions and you achieve your goal of putting the toy together.  Now you are educated on how the toy operates.

I myself feel I have something to offer in the way of education.  I just published my book “Strength in a Heartbeat“, Diary of a Heart Transplant.  It is a journal I kept when my daughter was placed on the heart transplant list and we were living in the hospital.  It gives people an idea of what life is like, being on an organ transplant list.  The goal of this book is to help others that may be in the same situation as we were.

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Think of all the things today you may teach or learn…



Strength in a Heartbeat


Strength in a Heartbeat

Diary of a Heart Transplant

This book is a true, real life account of what it is to hear “your daughter’s heart is failing; we are going to place her on the heart transplant list.  The journey we were on is nothing like what you see in the movies.  I wish it was.  Nothing prepared us for what our lives would be like for nearly a year and a half.  The doctor’s favorite motto was “this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Boy did we learn that.

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My daughter, Lauren wrote this…

Finally got the ‘courage’ to start reading my Mom’s book- Strength in a Heartbeat, where I left off.. and I’m blown away with everything I/my family went through. There are things I went through that I had no idea.
Needing an organ transplant is far from how they protray it in the movies. There isn’t that special room in every hospital that just keeps healthy organs ready to go. All coming with zero complications and a lifetime guarantee. HA! Some people may only wait days, others months (I waited 9 months & 16 days) or years, while some never get ‘the call’ or even put on the list.
If you’d like to learn more about our incredible journey and what I had to go through, just to be able to write this post today, check out Lynne Matosky Robitaille new book.. Strength in a Heartbeat.
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or come stop by & see me for your copy🙂
Thank you to those who have already purchased & read it! 🖤💜


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Great article: The power of Organ Donation.

Writing from the Heart

I would like to thank the Chicopee Register for such a beautiful article they wrote on my book,
“Strength in a Heartbeat“, Diary of a Heart Transplant.  Thank you Chance Viles writer of the article.
Strength in a Heartbeat, is a journal I kept when my daughter Lauren Meizo was placed on the heart transplant list, living our lives in the hospital.  I am sharing our story in hopes of helping other families living in the same situation we were in.  Living in a hospital is hard, very hard, and lonely.  I want other families to know they are not alone.  I have created a Facebook page; Strength in a Heartbeat, a forum for families to  communicate with each other waiting and also to those who have lived it.  We all need a support system, I am hoping this will become one.
I know I am not the only one who could say this:

I have slept in a hospital chair, window sills and couches.  Skipped meals and cried from fear.  I have become an expert on my child’s condition.  I am a strong advocate that had to make life-changing decisions.         Lynne

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“Strength in a Heartbeat”, Diary of a Heart Transplant, book

The launch of “Strength in a heartbeat”, Diary of a Heart Transplant book, is still in the works. Tomorrow it will be available on Kindle, for everyone who love’s to read  on their devices.  Didn’t forget about you, just took some time.
I would like to “Thank” everyone who has read the book for your kind words on our story.  This is a true story, of being placed and living on the Heart Transplant waiting list.  I published our story for one reason-to help others that are living in the same situation that we were living in.  To let them know they are not alone.  When I would walk around the hospital or sit and just watch my daughter, I felt so alone.  Thought I was the only person with all these feelings of frustrations and loneliness.
If you know anyone that my book could help, please pass this one.  At the end of the book, I created a list of helpful hints of amenities you can ask the hospital you may be staying in.  You would be surprised at what is offered, but you need to ask.  Vouchers for food or parking, just to name one.
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Thank you

My book is published…

Introducing my new book
Strength a Heartbeat
Diary of a Heart Transplant
The book is a journal I wrote when my daughter Lauren Meizo needed a heart transplant. Life, living in a hospital.Thoughts, fears, laughter and crying. The purpose of this book, I would like to help other families living in a hospital, knowing they are not alone. My daughter, my husband and I lived it for more than 18 months, with a lot of family and friends support.
You can purchase a copy on Amazon and also                                        My new web site is created is also up and running. Please visit.

If you know someone who has had a transplant or waiting for one please pass this on.  The book contains our true feeling on what life is like living in a hospital for a lengthy period of time.


Update on Lauren 7-3-17

          Where to start ????   First thing we would like to thank everyone for all the prayers and positive thoughts sent to Lauren.  To be honest, it is a miracle Lauren is here with us.  I cannot sugar coat this one.  Lauren was not expected to survive.  Her heart went into failure for no reason.  If we didn’t get her to Boston as fast as we did, I would not be writing this.  I cannot thank the emt’s that drove us here. OMG, the driver’s name I remember was Chris.  When we arrived here in Boston I remember saying to him “that was some bad ass driving”.  Lauren wants to source out who the emt’s were that got her to Boston and then thank them personally.

      Lauren was on a machine called ecmo that saved her life.

ECMO stands for Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation. Extracorporeal means outside of the body. A membrane oxygenator is a piece of equipment which acts as a lung to deliver oxygen into the  blood. The ECMO circuit acts as an artificial heart and lung for the patient during ECMO therapy.

A person cannot be on this machine for long. A week or two only.  It is very risky to be placed on the ECMO, it has many side affects, bad ones…..but we had not choice in it.  If you are on the ECMO machine, chance of survival is very low.  When Lauren’s dr.’s would come in and say to Dean and I “I am so sorry”, I would remain in disbelief, this is not happening.

We contacted the family and everyone flew or drive in.  Our son Matt who is in the Army stationed in Arizona, my husband contacted the Red Cross to help with his leave. He was here the next day.   At one point Lauren was awake the dr. was explaining to Lauren what was going on, Lauren looked at him and said “Am I going to die?” dr. Neil just looked at Lauren and said “I don’t know we are doing everything to not make that happen”.  I just in and said “of course not, you are going to get stronger and we are walking out of this hospital together again”.  My son Mikey and his family would drive every day to Boston.  The rest of my family camped out in the family room on couches.

At this time right now, it all seems like a blur to me.  I remember sitting by myself and in my head I was planning Lauren’s, well I can’t say it but, you know what I mean.

That’s in the past now, we are out of ICU and Lauren is getting stronger and stronger.  The dr’s. are calling her a miracle.  Lauren started to get better as fast as she became sick.  I believe it is the power of prayer it worked.  They are still at some point scratching their heads as to what happened.  With that said………………….

Today we are starting to make plans of going to a rehab facility.  Lauren has had so many different rejection meds that they help her heart but weaken her muscles.  So she needs to start all over again.  Right now Lauren is learning how to stand.  That is how weak she is now.  We have requested an acute rehabilitation facility close to home.  I will know more later on in the day.

From our family, we cannot thank everyone enough for all the love, support and prayers.  Also to our wonderful neighbors who have been helping in taking care of our crazy Kooper, yard and pool.  Thank you we love you guys very much.

God Bless

Lynne, Dean & Lauren