“Strength in a Heartbeat, Diary of a Heart Transplant”, Paperback & Kindle Limited Time, Sale Price

For a a limited time,

Strength in a Heartbeat, 

Diary of a Heart Transplant 


Paperback copy: Sales price $15.96, regular price $19.95.

 Kindle edition :   Sale price $2.99,  regular price  $5.99

Customer review:

“It captivates your thoughts and draws you into each day, each battle and struggle. Not only do you begin to understand the magnitude of what’s going on, it comes from a mother’s perspective watching what her child is going through. You see the raw life in a hospital where day after day you see improvement only to take major steps back. You will be in awe of the human spirit, the strength of a warrior, whose thirst for life drove her through the day to day challenges receiving a new heart has brought. I encourage you to read this, to learn and understand the strength of our drive to live, to do more than survive, so when life knocks on your door (and it will at some point) you can know the strength to persevere is in there, it’s locked inside, we just need the courage and strength to let our warrior come out to save us”.


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