Love being a non smoker


 This was the way I have always felt.  I was chained to my addiction of smoking cigarettes. No matter where I went it was always with me.  


I am not going to say how many years I have smoked, (just out of embarrassment) but to  many, way to many.  I have quit a couple of times before only to find a reason to start-up again.  I had some good reasons, but that shouldn’t have been an excuse.  I tried to justify a situation to make me believe I was entitled to have that cigarette.

I am going on 5 months of being a non smoker..  Yay for me.

How did I do it?   I decided enough was enough.  In my life I needed to make some changes and smoking was on the top of my list.  I was ready again.

So I set a quit date.  Gave myself time to put myself in the proper mind-set, that I was going to do this.  Did some research and decided to get help with the Patch.  Then I thought of all the positives:

  • save my life
  • save money, buying the cigarettes, plus on health insurance (smokers pay more)
  • save on embarrassment – all smokers can relate, finding a place to smoke, people walk by you and give the look of disgust, you smell,
  • no more smokers cough, you know that one every time you laugh you can’t help but have the course cough that always follows
  • you don’t have to worry about when you can have your next cigarette.  I found the hardest is when traveling.  Going to someones house that doesn’t smoke.
  • Having to step outside in all-weather conditions, just to get that fix.
  • Become an individual, be your own person.  Don’t smoke because others are doing it.

There are so so many of them, we all have our personal reasons and those are just some of mine.

Since I quit smoking my family thinks it is so funny when I complain about cigarette smoke.  Their answer is “now you know how we felt”.  My answer is “omg, I do now”.  I cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke right now.  I can smell just the slightest bit of smoke.  I am not going to say that I haven’t had any craving for it.  I did.  But I kept thinking about why I didn’t want to smoke and, it got me through it.  Trust me it is not easy.  I had a situation happen in my life, not a pleasant one and I decided I did not want to be like that.  Smoking was one reason I thought of that would make me different.  So when I feel like lighting up, my mind goes to a certain thought and I take control again.  I have asked a friend one time  when she was smoking if I could have a drag?  She said “absolutely NO”.  I told her I just want to see if I miss it.  She caved and handed me her cigarette, I took a puff and handed it back to her and said ” no, not missing anything”.  I was so happy, I got it out  my system to want a cigarette.  So as the day went on then turned to months now, I can say I am proud of myself.  I really didn’t do it for anyone but myself.  That’s what made the difference this time, plus with the help of the patch.  I only took it for three weeks.

My family has told me they are proud of me.  I have told them sorry it took so long.  But I needed to make this happen for me and me alone.

5 month as a non smoker and counting.

If you smoke and have always said, “ya, I will quit one day”, make that day happen.  Trust me I will never put down anyone that smokes, that’s your choice in life, but what I am saying if you want to quit maybe think about yourself instead of the people who are on your back about it.  Hell, it worked for me.  And trust me, I never thought I would never ever quit.   Surprised me.

I am confident that I will never be a smoker again in my life.


smokeless in  Chicopee Massachusetts       Lynne