Lauren was named Chicopee’s Ambassador for Donate Life New England


Today was a special day…Chicopee has a new Ambassador.

Lauren Meizo, was given the official title of

Chicopee’s Ambassador for Donate Life New England

Pictured with Lauren is Matthew Boger, State Relations for Donate Life.  They were at the Chicopee Registry this morning, spreading the word.

Lauren’s duties will be to educate, inform and tell her story about organ donation.

If you have an organization, or event that you feel Lauren would be an asset, to the event to speak on this topic, please feel free to contact us.


My daughter, amazing, strong, beautiful, with a strong willingness to help others.

A very proud mother


A note from Lauren ***

I am honored to be thee Ambassador of Donate Life for my community. Spreading the importance of organ donation has become my new passion. I am one of the lucky ones who actually was able to receive an organ, my heart in time. This is not true for all. Currently, over 123,000 people are waiting, many with their lives on hold to hear those five life changing words, “we have found a match!” while others may never get that second chance, all due to a shortage of organs. Before I went through all I did, I never put any thought into organ donation. So now that’s why I am here to encourage others in becoming Organ Donors!

With sincere love & all my heart,


Ambassador for Donate Life, NE


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