Hope for Cain Please read and pass on

When we were living in Boston, we met so many wonderful people who wanted to help Lauren with her fundraisers.  One lady in particular, her name is Pam.  She was a manager of a restaurant that helped sell the purple bands.  All of her employees always made me and my family feel like family when we went there.

Now we need to pay it forward

This is a story of a little boy who lives in Ireland.  Pam is from Ireland also, so it is close to her heart.

Cian lives in my county in Ireland and he really needs a double lung transplant that can be done in Boston Children’s but it’s costing a lot of money!!! They have started a crackin for Cian, something similar to the ice bucket challenge but it’s crackin an egg over your head! People are asked to nominate friends and donate to his webpage with is


Please, please pass this along, together maybe we can help this adorable little boy who deserves to have a chance at life make it happen.

Much Love Lynne


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