Picking out your wedding song

Yesterday we went with Mikey and Katie to Crest View Country Club to sign the contract for their wedding.  I asked them if they had a wedding song picked out yet.  They responded, “not yet, it is so hard, so many beautiful songs out there”.

When Dean and I got married, this song just came out and it gave us chills listening to it.  I guess we had it easy.  It was a no brainer.

If you could comment back, I would love to hear what songs my readers selected.   Thanks Lynne   P.S. who doesn’t like Tim Mcgraw.


A heart may keep you alive, but it also holds so much love

My mom, myself, my sisters Laureen and Donna


When I look at this picture,  I keep thinking is it a rare time when we can be together.  It is hard, I live in Mass., my mother and sister Laureen lives in Florida and my sister Donna lives in Virginia.

When we do have the opportunity to come together, there are so many emotions we feel.  We do not have the privilege to see each other when we want.  I cannot just take a ride over to their house’s for coffee or celebrate birthday’s & holiday’s.  Our children are almost around the same age, so when they were young we tried as much as we could to be together, but that meant a trip.  We all felt it was important that the cousins knew each other and were able to grow a bond together.

As we grew older, you can say we are all set in our ways,  (we all think we are right) so when we do come together all our emotions come out. We know we have only short time together, so I really believe we want to, let me put it this way voice our comments being good or bad to each other.  We laugh, we cry, we argue but in the end we love each other with all our hearts.  We do have each others back no matter what.  My husband thinks at times we are crazy, but he doesn’t realize how hard it is to not have your family close by.  His family lives right here in Chicopee, so if he wants to spend time with his dad, he can.

Everyone know that saying:

You Hold A Special Place In My Heart

A heart is a magical organ, without it, life is done.  It is the vital organ that keeps us all alive.  A broken heart has many meaning, first it means health problems.  Second it could mean love problems.

Love problems could be fixed with time and moving forward, but when someone has heart health problems, that is when we need people to go forward to be able to help.  Hate to say it again, but organ donation could be the only answer for thousands of people.

If you live close to your family you are blessed, if not cherish every moment you have together.