Going to the hospital today…….

Lauren is having 3 wisdom teeth removed today.

Lauren needed these teeth removed 2 years ago, but when it was scheduled that was when we received the call for her new heart.  It has been a long process to schedule the extractions.  First we had to get the approval from the transplant team in Boston, then after that when we went to the oral surgeon, with Lauren’s history of anesthesia, he was very hesitant to perform the surgery in his office.  So it was decided, in Lauren’s case the removals will be  preformed in a hospital setting to be on the safe side.

So we are off to Mercy Hospital this morning.  I am so happy we do not have to go to Boston for this.  Last night I had a hard time sleeping, anxiety about going into a hospital setting again.  I just keep telling myself, nothing is going to go wrong and we will be home later today.  Positive thinking.

This is the last surgical procedure Lauren needs.