Thinking outside the box

When you live your life, you find yourself doing the same things, day in and day out.  On Monday’s, you do this , on Tuesday this is what needs to happen and so on.  Then you find yourself just going through the motions of your life.  It is so easy and comfortable to stay within your comfort zone.  You may think your living your life but actually, the way I think of it as life is just going by.  That old saying, “Where does the time go?”

When I started this blog, I was hoping to be connected to others that have gone through life changing events.  I have, but I also found this is a great resource to help us.

In my last post, I spoke about depression.  Touchy subject, but so real.  I received a wonderful reply from Nancy.  She suggested that to help Lauren find her motivation again by possibly volunteering to read to children.  Nancy also gave a contact number to make it easier for Lauren to take the step.  I don’t think I would have every thought of that.  That got me thinking, we were never thinking outside the box on all the possibilities out there.  This is one big wonderful world with so many possibilities.  Never give up or settle.  We make our choices in life, we create our own destiny.  Sometimes we are put into a situation that is out of our control, but we have the control on how we handle the situation.  When Lauren was in the hospital, that was out of our control, but thinking back it was what we did to get through it.  We decorated the hospital room to look more like a dorm room, it was our home so we made it comfy.  I remember Lauren felt so much pride when the nurses, doctors would say they never have seen a room transformed so much.  We would have people as they were walking by, stop and look in amazement, hell we even had a pink flamingo on the outside of her door.  I need to thank my sister Donna, she did a great job helping with the decorations, (we even had a throw rug).  It may have been a hospital, by we made it our home.  I guess we were thinking outside the box back then, so now we need to keep it going.

Whatever happens in life, remember to be creative………



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