Blogging 101


This is how I feel after I publish a post.

It’s that moment, right after you hit the publish button.   When I write a post, in the back of my mind, I know people are going to read this.

In my blog, I have been writing about a subject that I am very passionate about.

Let me rephrase that, it’s not a subject, it’s our story.

I make it a point to write a post everyday, and now that I am in the blogging 101 course, I have learned so much.

Writing you thoughts, make you so vulnerable.  You never know who is reading, what they are thinking.  In my post you may agree or disagree with me.  I personally write, to connect with people and to get certain feelings out.

I would like to thank my followers and invite new people to my site.

Please feel free to leave a comment, would love to hear what you have to say.


Friendships, old and new

Friendships……we all have them.  Some are close and some are distant.  Some are family members and some are people you haven never met face to face.


When I think of all the friends I have, my mind thinks of everyone I care about.  I am blessed to be able to say that my husband IS my best friend.

I have 2 girlfriends that I have been friends with for over a decade.  We may not talk everyday or even for weeks, but I know they are there for me and I will always be there for them, no matter what.

My daughter, Lauren calls me her best friend.   We have been through much together.  Not only mother daughter stuff, but just hanging out together.  I feel we have a very special relationship.

Then I have special neighbors I call friends.  Again, I can say I am very blessed to live in the best neighborhood in the world.

And now I have many new friends, that I have met writing this blog.  I can honestly say I know people all over the world.

 When I meet  someone who has gone through some life experiences similar to mine, there is a bond we share.  Then a friendship begins.

In writing this post, I  would like to say, it really made me stop many times to   think of everyone I love, family and friends.  I would not be the person I am today without them.

Much Love, Lynne

Being totally exhausted

This is how I feel today….


Have you ever felt this way?

I know that most of you answer yes to this.  It is normal, life is exhausting.  Being physical or emotional or at times just both.  Today, I’m emotionally exhausted.  The last couple of days did me in.

Sometimes I just sit back and think, oh you are stronger than this, hell you spent almost 2 years living in a hospital with your daughter.  Seeing my husband only on weekends, then dealing with watching my daughter at the beginning get weaker, then after the transplant watching her struggle to get better.

The nightmares do not go away, they fade, but they are always there.  Whenever Lauren has a procedure done, it takes so much out of me.  I say to myself, “I can’t do that again”, but if I needed to, I know I would be able to find the strength.

All the news was good, so it’s time to take a deep breath and take a little time for myself.  I think I only need an hour or two.  Maybe, I need to watch a good Life Time movie to relax.

All of our lives are different, some the same in ways and others totally different, but I do know we all get emotionally exhausted at times, no matter who we are.  And I guess that’s ok.


Thanks for listening


Ask yourself this question, do you know all the facts about becoming an organ donor

I was reading a couple of articles this morning, and the word racism kept coming up.  I am not sure what in the world is happening now, come on it is 2015.  One article that really upset me was  Principal Verenice Guiterrez who runs the Harvey Scott School (K-8) in Portland, Oregon made an announcement that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are racist!!!!!  She was asked WHY???  comment, “improves education for students of color”  She noted that some student haven’t eaten bread in their culture.  Instead, they eat pitas, tortas, and other bread substitutes. She stated “that serving a PB&J is a brazen splay of white privilege.


The above is just a small version of all the racial controversy that is going on in the world.

Food for thought here, no pun intended, did you know that if you were in need of an organ donation, I need to say this loud


Would you refuse an organ because of the donor’s race?

When you are placed on the organ donor list, they are looking for matches for your blood type, and so on. Not what color you are.

Please read the following facts….educate yourself on becoming a donor.

Learn The Facts
These facts may help you better understand organ, eye, and tissue donation:

Fact: Anyone, regardless of age or medical history, can sign up to be a donor. The transplant team will determine at an individual’s time of death whether donation is possible.

Fact: Most major religions in the United States support organ donation and consider donation as the final act of love and generosity toward others.

Fact: If you are sick or injured and admitted to a hospital, the number one priority is to save your life.

Fact: When matching donor organs to recipients, the computerized matching system considers issues such as the severity of illness, blood type, time spent waiting, other important medical information, and geographic location. The recipient’s financial or celebrity status or race does not figure in.

Fact: An open casket funeral is usually possible for organ, eye, and tissue donors. Through the entire donation process, the body is treated with care, respect, and dignity.

Fact: There is no cost to donors or their families for organ or tissue donation.

Fact: Every state provides access to a donor registry where its residents can indicate their donation decision.

Fact: Federal law prohibits buying and selling organs in the U.S. Violators are punishable by prison sentences and fines.

Fact: People can recover from comas, but not brain death. Coma and brain death are not the same. Brain death is final.

I hope this helped


blogging 101, love it

I have been writing a blog for well over 2 years.  First one I started was about when my daughter was going through her heart transplant journey.  Just writing daily helped me to communicate with family and friends, also it helped me get my feeling out.  Many times I was crying as I was typing, but I always felt like I someone to talk to when ever I needed it.

Now I needed to start a new one about life after a heart transplant.  Everyday there are worries and concerns, but so, so grateful we are home.  Trying to get Lauren’s life back on track is difficult.  This girl has been through so much.  Physically and emotionally.  At times I feel our world is revolved around Lauren’s medication.  Constantly asking her did you take am, afternoon, midafternoon then evening pills.

I have connected with a couple of organizations that have help, with others that have gone through and are still waiting living in the hospital.  It helps a lot.

I have just joined blogging 101.  Now I feel I have a great support on how to connect with more writers who want to express different topics.  Plus I am getting tips on computers.  So much to learn.


Reminder calling all bikers, Muscular Dystrophy motorcycle ride

I wanted to remind everyone of this great event.  Lauren will be riding with Mike Thibault.  Join them for a great day and a great cause.

Aside from undergoing a heart transplant, Lauren also has an extremely rare form of muscular dystrophy which contributes to the rest of her weaknesses. Come spend the day hanging with great people, riding through the countryside, listening to awesome music and of course, supporting a great cause!

On Two Wheels: Charlie Daniels Band headlines Muscular Dystrophy Association motorcycle ride

On Two Wheels: Charlie Daniels Band headlines Muscular Dystrophy Association motorcycle ride

If on July 12 you are in the mood to go for a nice motorcycle ride with a thousand or so of your friends, help contribute to a very worthy charity, have a chicken dinner and, lastly, see one of the best Southern-rock bands in history, then the 2015 Muscular Dystrophy Association Ride will take care of all of these things in one fell swoop.

Sponsored by the good folks at Trantolo & Trantolo, Norm LeBlanc and his team have put together one of the most terrific ride packages of the year. It’s not to be missed.
The ride staging and registration will begin at 9 a.m. and continue through 11:30 at co-sponsor TSI Harley-Davidson on Route 83 in Ellington, Connecticut. Breakfast will be available as well.

There will then be a 40-mile, police-escorted ride through the Connecticut countryside that will wind up at the Sun Valley Resort in Stafford Springs.

Riders will then be treated to a home-style barbecue lunch of grilled chicken, sausage, peppers, and onions, homemade pasta and potato salad. Refreshments will also be available; beer and wine will be on sale.

The Arizona Maid Band will be taking the stage at noon, followed by Kim Logan at 1 p.m., and, at 2, the legendary Charlie Daniels Band will hit the stage.

Charlie Daniels originally rode in on the same wave of Southern rock that brought us such bands as the Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, the Outlaws and Lynyrd Skynrd. The Charlie Daniels Band has had numerous hits over the years, and Charlie Daniels himself has become well known and outspoken in regards to his love of country, patriotism, and the ideals that make this country great. Ever the showman, you will never walk away from a Charlie Daniels Band show unfulfilled.

The event will cost you $40 per rider if you buy in advance; it’s $50 on the day of the show. Tickets for couples are $60 in advance, or $75 on the day of the event. The same prices apply if you are just attending the meal and show. If you purchase your tickets in advance you will be eligible to win a $1,000 gift card from TSI Harley-Davidson.
You can purchase tickets on line by logging on to or swing by TSI Harley-Davidson to pick them up in person. This will be a very large event with probably over 1,000 motorcycles so be prepared to ride accordingly.

The Massachusetts motorcycle community was dealt a blow recently with the passing of Eugene “Griz” Griswold, of Palmer. Known simply as “Griz” or “Santa Griz,” Griswold was a longtime biker who fought for motorcyclists’ rights as both chairman and district representative for the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association, going all the way back when it started as the Modified Motorcycle Association.

Eugene “Griz” Griswold, of Palmer, a longtime biker who fought for motorcyclists’ rights as both chairman and district representative for the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association, died on June 11. He is shown here in one of his favorite roles, filling in for Santa Claus as a member of one of his motorcycle clubs to bring joy to children at the Gray House in Springfield.

For many years, Griz was a salesman for Tibby’s Harley-Davidson and was a proud and patriotic veteran of the U.S. Navy. Bearing a striking resemblance to Santa Claus with his large frame and flowing white beard, this gentle giant of a man reveled in entertaining thousands of children (as well as adults) at Christmas time and as a member of the Weasels USA motorcycle group was the only one to carry the distinct North Pole back patch. Griz was also an ordained minister who presided over many area weddings. God speed, Griz, you are loved by many and will be sorely missed.
Goings On: Throttle Rocker Magazine will begin its Destination Bike Night series on July 2. These will be an every other Thursday bike night to be held at a different Destination. The first will be at Indian Motorcycle of Springfield located at 962 Southampton Road in Westfield. These will run from 6 to 9 p.m., and there will be vendors, music, food and more. For a complete schedule of Destination Bike Night, log on to

On July 11, it will be the Honor and Remember Bike Run, Concert and Barbecue in memory of Lance Cpl. Phillip M. Bushong. This event will be held at the Southwick Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 872 at 151 Point Grove Road. Registration begins at 9 a.m., and kickstands will be up at 11. The cost is $20 for riders; passengers and walk-ins are $15. There will be live music, a barbecue and raffles. Featured bands will be Point Black, Legion, the Remones and Redhead. The music starts at 2 p.m. with a flag presentation at 3. For information and reserved ticket information call (413) 355-8031.

Until next time, ride safe and ride smart.