Being totally exhausted

This is how I feel today….


Have you ever felt this way?

I know that most of you answer yes to this.  It is normal, life is exhausting.  Being physical or emotional or at times just both.  Today, I’m emotionally exhausted.  The last couple of days did me in.

Sometimes I just sit back and think, oh you are stronger than this, hell you spent almost 2 years living in a hospital with your daughter.  Seeing my husband only on weekends, then dealing with watching my daughter at the beginning get weaker, then after the transplant watching her struggle to get better.

The nightmares do not go away, they fade, but they are always there.  Whenever Lauren has a procedure done, it takes so much out of me.  I say to myself, “I can’t do that again”, but if I needed to, I know I would be able to find the strength.

All the news was good, so it’s time to take a deep breath and take a little time for myself.  I think I only need an hour or two.  Maybe, I need to watch a good Life Time movie to relax.

All of our lives are different, some the same in ways and others totally different, but I do know we all get emotionally exhausted at times, no matter who we are.  And I guess that’s ok.


Thanks for listening



3 thoughts on “Being totally exhausted

  1. Sometimes I would get through days literally a 1/2 day at a time. Listen to your body – sometimes you don’t even realize just how tired you are…


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