Rainy day, time to jump in puddles


There are times when I enjoy a rainy day.  Today, here in Massachusetts, it’s one of those days.

Rainy day’s remind me of when Lauren was in the hospital.  When it was raining she told a friend of ours Norm, that all she wants to do is jump in puddles again.  He talked with her for quite a while to boost her spirits and then told her when she gets out of the hospital they would jump in puddles together.

The day we were released from  the hospital, when we pulled into our driveway, there was a huge balloon saying “welcome home Lauren” and also they were tied to a pair of yellow rain boots.

I thought it was the most thoughtful gift.  Norm remembered the conversation and went out of his way to do this.

When we had a welcome home party for Lauren, now this was a big party.  We had it at a hall,( they donated it to us), I can say there must have been over 300 people who showed up.  When people enter, we brought the yellow rain boots and put them in the entry.  Those yellow boots mean a lot to Lauren.  They are now a reminder of how many people love her and of this special man who gave her encouragement through her journey.

So Norm, Lauren has her boots on today……..

Enjoy the day and when it rains, go outside and jump in puddles because you can.



3 thoughts on “Rainy day, time to jump in puddles

  1. Our warrior girl….❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹. I’ve still got mine too and I’m not using them until it’s with Lauren.
    Lynne.. We need a plan…


  2. Hi Norm, I really meant everything I said in the post. You were there for Lauren. I remember when she would talk with you on the phone, she always felt better afterwards. I hope you enjoyed it. And yes I need to get a great picture of the two of you jumping in puddles. Bucket list…..


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