The 3 Amigos, song they wrote, while living in Brigham & Women’s Hospital waiting for their heart transplant

I would like to introduce you to 3 amazing people, Lauren and I had the pleasure to meet when we were in the hospital.  Joe is a music teacher here in the Springfield area, so when we met them they were all in Katie’s hospital room writing the most beautiful song.  It is about living in the hospital on  VAD machines.  Joe had his guitar, and Katie and Steve were helping in writing the lyrics.

This song was special to us also, Lauren was living with a VAD for 6 months.

Joe Whalen, Katy Flynn, Steve Disumma

IMG_1067 vad picture

This picture was taken after all three had their heart transplants.

The smiles, say it all.  Love you guys…and miss you

3 amigossecond vad picute

Enjoy the song, just a heads up we used to call Brigham & Women’s Hospital the Cardiac Hotel.

Love Lynne



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