Happy event in our future, my son Michael is getting married

Love this picture of my son Michael and myself


In the last couple of years, I can honestly say our family has gone through so much stress, sadness, joy and found out what is really important in life.  Simply family love.  Lauren is doing great so now time to focus our attention to our son Michael and future wife Katie.

The big event is August 13, 2016

The venue has been selected, Crest View Country Club.

Tonight, my husband Dean and I are going with them to finalize the contract and meet with the wedding coordinator.  I am so excited….happy times.

My future daughter in-law asked Lauren to stand up with her.  She couldn’t say yes fast enough.  So now our family has the pleasure of creating a beautiful wedding for two special people who deserve the best wedding we give them.

No my only stress is “what am I going to wear”.  Love that problem.

Mother of the groom, sound pretty good.

Much love



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