Lauren’s yearly heart biopsy

So tomorrow we are venturing off to Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston Ma. for Lauren’s yearly biopsy.  It will be a two day event.  On Thursday first appointment is her echo, then a clinic visit and finally a stress test.  Day two –  heart biopsy.  Being a two day hospital visit, we are staying over night at a local hotel.  During the visit Lauren will not be in the hospital.  Just day appointments.  So after her appointments we plan on visiting some of the wonderful people that helped us during our time there.  Like seeing old friends.

Wish us well, that everything goes well.  Let’s pray for a negative test result, meaning no rejection.



5 thoughts on “Lauren’s yearly heart biopsy

  1. Hello to you and your family wish you blessings and strength she will be in my prayers all the time today tomorrow and afterwards never things of the go- don’t have the best I believe results that you would love to hear I’m praying on that I’m going to tell my family to to pray for you and your daughter your whole family take care and blessings out keep us up to date when you can course boss and take care now be safe and be well


  2. Oh gosh I am on my android voice activated the middle lot of typos sorry about that I am saying I want negative results to the test they do I’m praying for that be well be safe I’m glad to see some old friends take care and have some laughs


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