Nurse’s- God’s Gift for Patients

When I watched Miss Colorado, the words she spoke were so true.  Sometimes you get that special patient that will remind you of why you became a nurse.


During our experience, our family has seen so much from living in a hospital for a lengthy period of time.  Lauren’s nurse’s became family to us.  Not only did they comfort her, but us as well.   They are the one’s that are with their patient’s all day and night long.  I have the utmost respect for Lauren’s Dr.’s, but it was Lauren’s nurses that had been responsible for her care.  We were blessed to have wonderful nurse’s at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston Ma.  There was many times, Lauren’s nurse’s would question what a Dr. ordered for Lauren, and come to find out they were correct.

I remember one time in particular, it was after Lauren heart transplant.  One of Lauren’s nurse’s came in just to say hello.  That day she was not Lauren’s nurse, but just stopping in to see how we were doing.  One of Lauren’s Dr.’s came in and wanted to do a procedure, he needed my consent to perform it.  I just sat there, really didn’t understand what he was talking about.  Brenda came over, I looked at her, the Dr. explained again what they wanted to do.  Brenda sat with me and told me if it was her child she would have the procedure done.  Explained the benefits, in a way that I could understand.  I trusted her so much, that she helped me make the decision to go ahead with the procedure.

I am PROUD to post this video on my site

Now, I must respond to the comment made on the View.  WHY IS SHE WEARING A DOCTOR’S STETHOSCOPE?  It is NOT a Doctor’s stethoscope, it is a medical stethoscope.  Nurse’s MUST wear them at all times.  They are the one’s that are with their patients.  During our time in the hospital, I could not tell you how many times during their shifts, they check heart rate and  breathing. I cannot believe my ears, when an educated TV personality would say such a childish comment, about Miss Colorado.  Hell, I have my own.  When we came home, I was trained to take Lauren’s blood pressure daily.  I had to log her heart rate, and blood pressure daily at the beginning.


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4 thoughts on “Nurse’s- God’s Gift for Patients

  1. My husband is a Doc and he always said nurses know more about their patients than the Doctors and sometimes the difference between life and death is what nurse is assigned to you that day. The practice of hospitals not keeping patients with the same nurse on a daily basis is deplorable and allows too much room for error.


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