What is happening to our country….

Plan for cuts in disability benefits, but hope for the best

This morning I came across this article from USA TODAY POST, it really got me thinking.

The future for Medicare and Social Security might not look bright at the moment, but it’s particularly bleak for the government’s disability insurance program.

According to the Social Security trustees’ report released last month, the disability insurance trust fund will run out money in 2016 and it needs immediate attention. In the absence of any attention, millions of Americans will receive an automatic 19% reduction in their Social Security disability benefits in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Why the cuts? Social Security is precluded from spending money it doesn’t have, according to a recent report by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College; benefits must be in accord with disability insurance payroll tax revenues.
How to plug Social Security tax drain and keep more money

To be fair, most experts don’t expect lawmakers in Washington, D.C., to cut Social Security disability insurance benefits. “The reality of the situation is that Social Security disability insurance benefits play a vitally important role in the lives of just under 11 million people in this country today, nearly 9 million disabled workers, along with an additional 2 million family members, including 1.7 million children,” says Kurt Czarnowski, a principal with Czarnowski Consulting in Norfolk, Mass.

In the article it had a comment page so I started to read them… very interesting opinions on this subject.  The majority of the comments pertained to persons who apply for disability, who are not deemed a disabled person.  I believe that to be true.

Over the past, let’s say decade, I have heard of people applying for disability because of minor medical issues.  OK, maybe they cannot do the job they used to do, but in our day and age, there are so many jobs out there that a person can do, without it being a job that affects their medical issue.

In our society, I truly feel more and more people are just looking for the hand out.  I was told by a social worker that when people loss their jobs, being fired or laid off, they collect unemployment.  Then when it runs out, they turn to social security for money.  Have they looked for a new job, probably not.  Their live style changes and like not having to go to work.  This is what is called mailbox money.  So now they have medical issue’s they claim prevents them to work.

When we watch TV, how many commercial are on now, from lawyers saying “call me if you have been declined for social security”.  They are on the band wagon now also.  These lawyers follow the trend of how they can make a buck also.

This subject frustrates me, for reasons people just want to use the system out of pure laziness on their own behalf.  I know people who are on disability, because they really NEED it, of a truly disabled condition.  They want to work, they want to take care of themselves, they want to be independent, but it is not possible for them.

So now with so many false claims being submitted, first of all you should be ashamed of yourself.  When a person with a real disability applies, first of all social security has what they call the Blue Book they refer to.

Disability Evaluation Under Social Security has been specially prepared to provide physicians and other health professionals with an understanding of the disability programs administered by the Social Security Administration. It explains how each program works, and the kinds of information a health professional can furnish to help ensure sound and prompt determinations and decisions on disability claims.

Another quick thought, think about all the veteran’s out there, they fought for our country, our safety, that have been injured during their line of duty, now live with a disability and they have a hard time to help get assistance, think about that one.

I guess I can go on and on this topic, what are your thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “What is happening to our country….

  1. I started paying social security tax into the government when I was at the ripe old age of 12 years old! Now am disabled due to multiple sclerosis. Worked full time as a network engineer for years. Paying in large amounts towards social security in case I was ever disabled.

    Now, I am completely wheelchair bound. Makes it hard to chase problems in wiring closets now. Am not able to drive because my vision and hand stability comes and goes. My social security disability lets me help my husband (who works full time) keep our household running. It is me, him, and a cat. We are fortunate that we could still possibly survive if my disability takes a small cut, but what about those who have no other help providing for themselves?

    What about the soldiers which we owe our freedom to? When they return, what happens if they were injured fighting for us?

    Why do we keep paying the leaders of this country huge raises when we can’t even take care of our soldier? How about they take a pay cut!

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  2. Thank you for your comment. So sorry to hear about your condition, but that is what I am talking about the people who truly need the benefits. I agree with your comment.


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