Do you think you are immortal ????? I

“Written in response to The Daily Post prompt Finite Creatures.

At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?nwhm_hospital_visitation_ministry

 I have this question, are we immortal or not.

A couple of years ago when my daughter was very sick in the hospital, I still have a hard time saying, dying, is when it really hit me, dr.’s can’t fix everything.  We are not immortal.  There are some things beyond our control.  Only the Dear Lord knows.  All I could do for my daughter at that point was to just hold on to her and tell her to hang on.

We may not be immortal in body, but parts of us can be immoral for a longer time.

If you are an organ donor, then it can happen.

My daughter Lauren, received her gift of life, a new heart.  The person that was the donor, may have died, but is not completely gone.  Her heart is beating strong in my daughter’s body.  We pray and hope we will meet the family that gave my daughter back her life.  A part of their daughter is still alive in my daughter.

So I guess I am thinking,  if you are an organ donor, would you think you could be immortal.

Something to think about………

Become an organ donor today.



11 thoughts on “Do you think you are immortal ?????

  1. What a great way to leave a legacy. Yes, I am a donor. I truly hope someday they will be able to use my organs if the situation arises. Being able to give the gift of life to someone else would be the ultimate satisfaction.


  2. I do believe in giving the miracle of life, I’m an organ donor myself. I’m touch with your story. I’m sure that beyond their sadness of losing a loved one giving your daughter the miracle to have a healthy life has to be a happy way to keep her family member alive. Your blog is an inspiration and keep educating your readers. I’m hook and a follower of your blog. Nice job!


    • Thank you so much, also thank you for being a donor. I truly believe this is a topic that not everyone understands. I hope to educate. Lives could be saved, so so many people are living in a hospital just waiting and wishing.


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