Lauren’s Donor, blogging 101

 Identify Your Audience

I guess my audience is you if you are reading this.  I would like to send a heart-felt “thank you”for following my blog.

Today’s post is about organ donor’s and their families.  One in particular, Lauren’s heart donor.

When Lauren was placed on the heart transplant list, I knew that someone had to die for my daughter to live.  It took me a long time to comprehend this thought.  As days turned into weeks, than months of living in the hospital waiting, I had a lot of talks with the Dear Lord.  My daughter was getting sicker and sicker, and all I kept thinking was maybe today.  Now, here I am, praying Lauren would receive a heart, in the back of my mind out of all the deaths every day, please be Lauren’s match.

Lauren’s donor

To this date we still have no idea who Lauren’s donor was.  The picture above, I believe could be her.  The only thing the doctors would tell us was “if you just had a baby, the baby would be wearing pink”.  So we know it was a female.

To all the families out there that have lost a loved one, and they were an organ donor.  I am so, so sorry for your loss.  Please take a little comfort in knowing that they saved others.  Also with respect, as a mother of a child who is an organ recipient we know it is your choice to be known to the other family.

This song is dedicated to all the organ donors

With much Love  Lynne


4 thoughts on “Lauren’s Donor, blogging 101

  1. So hard to conceive that someone has to lose a life in order for your dear daughter to be saved. The older I get the more I appreciate the meaning of “to Everything There Is A Time Under Heaven”.


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