Finished Writing My Book

Yes, I finally finished writing my book.  Now to start a new venture…..


          It’s our story about Lauren’s heart transplant.  Finding out my daughter was very sick, to being listed on the transplant list and living in the hospital for almost one and a half years.  The highs and the lows we endured during that time.  It’s my  journal I kept.  Now I am ready to share with everyone.  So many people are living that life now, I hope my book will help them know they are not alone.

 This is the perfect month for me to get the publishing started.

April is National Donate Life Month



  We have our flag proudly flying in the front of our house to help bring Organ Donation Awareness.


To become an organ donor, click on the link below, or to learn more on this subject.


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Pass this on, let’s try to inform everyone

the importance of organ donation.

                                                       Love Lynne


Update on Cian, please read

Little Cian McDonnell Lynch is four years old. He is battling a very rare illness that has no cure.


Update from Lisa (Cians mother): Today was Cians first day back at pre-school. He was so excited going back.

“We are trying to make life as normal as possible for him while we wait for the liver biopsy, results and a final decision as to if Cian will definitely be put on the list for a double lung transplant in Boston. Cian is in the process of getting tests done before getting the biopsy to ensure he didn’t pick up any type of infection while in Boston Childrens Hospital recently. So far the tests have been clear. We should have dates for the biopsy very soon. Overall Cian continues to be a happy little boy full of fun despite all he is going through. He’s not able for much exercise or moving around as he gets very breathless and sick when he overexerts himself. We want to say a huge thank you to everybody that has supported Cian to date. The support is amazing. We are so grateful to you all 💜”

Since I have heard about Cian and his family, my heart aches for them.  I know the frustration of the waiting game.  Wondering if my child is going to live or die.  I can feel their pain.  When my daughter Lauren was in the hospital, first waiting to find out if she would be accepted to be placed on the transplant list, then after being accepted, waiting for a donor.

During my time in Boston Massachusetts, one day I needed to get out of the hospital.  I took a walk around outside, it started to rain.  I came across a cute little restaurant called Penguin Pizza.  When I entered the place, I felt so alone.  Everyone was with friends having a great time. So I took a seat at the bar (didn’t want to sit at a table alone), on that day, my time in Boston changed.  Everyone that worked there was so friendly, most of them were from Ireland, loved the accents.  Then I met  Pamela O Brien Carthy, she was the manager there.    I remember how Pam made me feel so welcome.  She knew I was new there, so Pam took the time to talk with me.  I told her about my daughter, and how I was living in the hospital with her.  Pam was very comforting and from that day on, I felt I had a friend in Boston.

Lauren and I started a fundraiser for expenses from her hospital room.  We order purple wrist bands to sell.  Pam and her crew jumped in and helped to sell them from her establishment.  One day my husband Dean and I stopped in and to our disbelief, the crew was all wearing the bands, then looking around so many of the customers were wearing the bands also.  They raised so much money for us, I could not believe it.

We have stayed in communications to this day.  That’s how I heard about Cian.

Please share this post.  Cian and his family need our help and prayers.  At this time he is back home in Ireland, waiting for test results.  I am praying he comes back to Boston soon, to receive his gift of life.  When that happens, I would love to make a trip to Children’s Hospital in Boston to be able to meet him and his family.  Also I would love to meet up with Pam again.

Please click on the link to learn more about this precious little boy.

Lynne  1437940979_love_valentines_day_11

Echo Donate Life

Please take a minute to read this post……

ECHO, which stands for :  Every Community Has Opportunity


The Association for Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation (AMAT) Teams Up with Donate Life America (DLA) to Launch New National Observance: Donate Life ECHO

(Richmond, VA—July 6, 2015)—The Association for Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation (AMAT) and Donate Life America (DLA) are joining forces to launch “Donate Life ECHO,” a new national observance designed to reach multicultural communities. ECHO, which stands for: Every Community Has Opportunity, is being launched to bolster engagement with African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Latino, and other multicultural communities.

The new observance, ECHO, has two objectives: one is to focus on the power of sharing one’s personal decision to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor with members of one’s community; the second is to encourage registered donors to ask members of their personal networks and extended communities to register as donors. Through the ECHO concept of reiteration and repetition—with people sharing the life-affirming message of donation within their community—more lives will be saved and healed.

“This strategic initiative is about empowering individuals to echo the message of donation throughout their respective communities, while building momentum together,” said Remonia Chapman, president of AMAT. “We are delighted to collaborate with DLA for this groundbreaking effort to equip people from all backgrounds with a host of culturally relevant tools and resources that have been designed to foster meaningful conversations and personal testimonies about the vitally important health topic of organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation.”

The two-week observance will be held during the second and third full weeks in July. This year’s inaugural observance will be held July 12 – July 25. ECHO is not intended to replace current programs and commemorations; rather, it offers a new mid-year opportunity with tremendous social media and community potential. As nearly 60 percent of the current U.S. transplant waiting list is comprised of ethnically diverse patients, the need for increased education efforts and new strategic approaches is a critical step toward increasing the number of registered donors in multicultural communities.

David Fleming, DLA President and CEO, added: “DLA is excited to be working with AMAT on this new observance, which has the potential to reach specific communities in an innovative way. It is no coincidence that the words ‘community’ and ‘opportunity’ both include the word ‘unity,’ as together, we can create lifesaving change. This transformative observance highlights that great good that can come from sharing the importance of registering as a donor with our family, friends and communities.”

The new observance will be translated into multiple languages, including Spanish. Done Vida ECO, which stands for Esperanza, Comunidad y Oportunidad, translates to “hope,” “community,” and “opportunity.” Together, AMAT and DLA will offer a Donate Life ECHO digital toolkit that will include: social media banners, graphics, talking points, and an array of resources that can be customized for specific audiences. To learn more, visit: and

About the Association of Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation (AMAT)
AMAT was established in 1992 to address the increasing need for organ and tissue donors in the multicultural communities while simultaneously offering support, shared expertise and professional development opportunities for its members as they save and heal lives. AMAT is a self-sustaining, self-governed organization operating solely on voluntary contributions from individuals, corporations, and other affiliated organizations. For more information, visit:

About Donate Life America (DLA)
Donate Life America is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit alliance of national organizations and Donate Life State Teams across the United States committed to saving and healing lives through increased organ, eye and tissue donation. Donate Life America, with the help of its corporate partners, is dedicated to spreading the word about the importance of being a registered donor so that others may live. For more information, visit:

Media Contacts:

Ayanna Anderson, Public Relations Chair
aanderson [at] dnwest [dot] org, Ph: (510) 251.7003
Donate Life America
Aaron Kelchner
akelchner [at] donatelife [dot] net, Ph: (804) 377.3584

Update on Lauren’s letter to her donor.

We have been asked numerous times if we have heard from the donor family.  Well, to this date we haven’t.  We received a letter from UNOS stating that they received Lauren’s letter.  They said it was beautifully written and they sent it to the family.  Now it is up to the family if they wish to be known.

Lauren and I realize it is probably a very hard decision for them, and we understand it may take them awhile to want to reach out or not.If they don’t, we will respect their decision.

Take a second a listen to this song, when we listen to it, it is for a wonderful person who decided to be an organ donor that saved Lauren’s life.


organ donation

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Organ donation is the process of giving an organ or a part of an organ for the purpose of transplantation into another person. In order for a person to become an organ donor, blood and oxygen must flow through the organs until the time of recovery to ensure viability.
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