Meet Terri Wentzell

It is my pleasure to introduce Terri Wentzell.  Terri is my daughter Lauren’s guardian angel, a nurse at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston Ma. Terri worked in the ICU when my daughter had her heart transplant. Terri’s fast actions saved my daughter’s life. For the rest of my life I will always be grateful to Terri Wentzell. After that happened I saw a person, not a professional nurse, but a person break down when she thought it was private. Nurses are people. They feel, they have emotions, they have only so much strength. It hit Terri hard, when she realized what had just happened and she saved my daughter. I have nothing but the utmost respect for nurses. Terri wrote this book for nurses. I am proud to say I know this wonderful women. Please pass this post around, so many nurses out there would love to receive or buy this book.

 Terri Wentzel

“My book is ready!!! Nurses, . I KNOW how hard you work. I KNOW the struggles of feeling like you’re always caring for others and have nothing left for yourself. This book is me giving you not only permission to care for yourself, but practical application, motivation, encouragement and real solutions for allowing you to live your best life. Go to and order your copy from my Home page (order from a desktop computer for best results rather than a mobile device!). YOU ROCK NURSES!!!! 🙂 Not a nurse? Pick up a copy for the nurse in your family or circle of friends  Or if you are just new to trying to live healthy yourself, you will find real, no-nonsense solutions and practical advice in this book.  God Bless!”

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