January 20th is right around the corner

This is only my thoughts on our president.



On January 20th, the United States of America with have a new President,  Mr. Donald Trump.

Is it time for a change, absolutely.  Our country is in so much trouble.  It is so separated like never before.  We are all americans.  Is it because of this one man, Mr. Obama, no but I believe it was his leadership that had people believing in what is not doable.

In America we have an election to vote for our president.  Well, we had the election and America spoke we voted for Mr. Donald Trump as our president.  Mr Obama had eight years.  People like change, new set of eyes lets just say.

As an american, I voted as did everyone that wanted a say in the vote.  When I hear people, OK celebrities say they are going to move to Canada because they do not like the way the election came out, I am embarrassed.  Because they did not get their way……  Ok america, do you agree with me when I say the salaries they are payed is so outrageous, a regular american will never see that kind of money in their lives it’s ridicules.  They should be blessed, they live in america.  Land of the free, land of the american dream.

As a american we need to stand beside out president elect, even if this is not the person you voted for.  The election is over, our President of the United States of America is President Donald Trump.  


      Our country is in so much trouble, as the quote states:


Let’s all come together, it shouldn’t matter if you are a republican or demarcate, black or white or any other nationality, we are all americans. Time we start to act like that.

I would like everyone who reads this to pass it along please, lets all come together again.

After you read this please hit the like button on the bottom, even if you don’t like what I wrote.  This is a way I can see how many people really read my article.  

Thank you very much, just felt like I needed to get this out there.

Lynne Robitaille

Organ Donation Advocate


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