Off to Boston Today…..

Today Lauren and I are back in the car to head to Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  Lauren is having surgery on the back of her head to shrink the bald spot from a pressure sore, that resulted when she was in the hospital in a coma.  Her plastic surgeon feels that he can tighten the skin in the area.  This is a day trip. (fingers crossed).  This is still one of the many complications that Lauren experienced during her heart transplant journey.

On the road again, thank the lord it is now raining.  It seems all the time we have to go to Boston it is raining.  Beautiful day here.  I am thinking positive.  Lauren and I can spend the day together, and we will be driving back home before we know it.  This should be Lauren’s last surgery.  I told her no more.

For anyone who is reading this, when a loved one is in the hospital on life support, do not assume that the hospital is moving the patient.  Lauren’s head was never moved, which resulted in a very severe pressure sore on the back of her head.  I need to add ,this did not happen at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  It was a hospital that she was transferred to for a different surgery before the heart transplant.  The things I have learned while living in the hospital with Lauren.

Wish us Luck

Lynne & Lauren


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