Finally feeling better

Last Friday I finally had my back surgery.  All went well.  The pain that I was experiencing is gone.  Now it is only the pain from the surgery area, but that will go away in time.

Now this is a different picture.  The roles are flipped.  I’m in the hospital gown and Lauren gets to sit in the chair on the side of the bed.  She kept telling me “mom you got this”, after what she has been through I kept saying this is a walk in the park for us.


Lauren was making fun of me because I kept making my bed with the baskets nice and folded on me.


My husband, Dean always by our side no matter what.  Not one of my best pictures, but it is what it is.


So my surgery is done and gone, and my mother had surgery on Monday.  All went great for her also.  She is at home, just an over night stay.  At this time she has two great nurses taken care of her, my sisters Donna and Laureen.

This year brought our family 3 surgeries.  They say everything runs in 3, so this family is done.

Time to enjoy life,

Lynne 1437940979_love_valentines_day_11


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