Trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Off to Fort Lauderdale Florida.  Lauren, my husband Dean and I set off to Florida to surprise my sister for her birthday.  Traveling with Lauren, you never know what she is going to do.  She is such a charmer.  We had our own TSA officer, he help us through security, but also he came to the gate to make sure she got on the plane safely.  Everyone she meets she always asks “Are you an organ donor”.  Lauren’s quest in life is to make everyone whom she comes into contact with is or will become a donor.


After arriving in Florida, guess where we went.  Yes the bar to relax and have lunch.  We stayed at  Ocean Manor on the beach.  To anyone traveling to Fort Lauderdale Florida, I highly recommend this Hotel, a must go to.  The only hotel with a Tiki bar on the beach.


My sister had no idea we were there.  I called her up and asked her what she was doing.  She told me really nothing, so I said to her “want to have lunch”.  Lauren was so surprised when I told her we were in Florida.  She started to cry on the phone.  I told her I wasn’t going to miss my little sister’s big 50 birthday.


How can life get any better?  


My mother arranged a surprise party for my sister at the Hotel we were all staying at.


You cherish moments like this.  We all live in different states, but we are now really making efforts to be together when ever we can.  Love my sisters and my mother.


Lauren with her cousin’s and my two beautiful nieces, Sarah and Jess.  Throughout the years, even though we do not live close, they stay close.


l feel so blessed that we had this opportunity to make this happen.


I took this picture from my balcony having my coffee in the morning.  As I sat there, I though thank you Lord for giving our family time together.  The past couple of years has been tough on our family.  We lost a very special person, my step dad Jerry.  He was, you can say the rock of the family.  My mother’s partner in life.  There is not one day that I do not think of him.  I know he is watching over all of us.  To be honest when I feel confused on something I think what would Jerry say.  He was a very smart and sensible person.

Then when Lauren became sick, we lived day-to-day, never knowing if we had tomorrow.  Life throws you so many different emotions.  All I can say is live your life today.  If you have an opportunity to do something, go for it.  If you feel like dancing, it doesn’t matter where you are just do it.


Moment’s like this just happen.  Addison sitting on the beach with her Auntie Donna.  Pull up a boogie board, grab a drink and enjoy the day.


Make new friends.


Life is always changing, just like the tide.  Beautiful and always changing.


Can’t wait for our next adventure………….

 Lynne 1437940979_love_valentines_day_11


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