This is how my day started


6:30 this morning, my husband was leaving to go to work.  He was taking my car today, when he went outside to leave this is what he saw.  I woke up and looked at it and just started to cry.

We live in a wonderful neighborhood, when the cops came they told us this has been happening to Honda Accords a lot.  I could not believe all 4 tires and the car is just resting on two cinderblock.  I feel so violated that someone came on our property and touched my car.

We didn’t hear a thing.  If you notice they left all the lug nuts.  Don’t understand that one.  What is going on in this world? My husband took the day off from work, I felt bad for him.  He had a full day of meetings.

Just wanted to share, if you have a Honda Accord, make sure you have locks on your tires.  I didn’t, but will now.



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