Coming home from vacation…..


This is how I felt when I walked into my house.  Yesterday’s post was about a wonderful vacation, today’s is about what happened when I came house.   Yes I was upset the vacation was over, but I was upset to what I saw.  The condition of my home.

When I leave on vacations I clean my house and set the temperature in the house.  I just like to have everything in place, plus the last thing you want to do is come home to a messy house.  I made arrangements with my neighbor, she was kind enough to say that she would take care of my pool and plant.  All is good……

Our son who is 21, came home (he is in the army and is stationed in Arizona at this time), he wanted to come on vacation with us, so we bought him a ticket so he can come home for a week.  His plans were to come to the beach Saturday-Tuesday, then come to our house so he can visit with his grandparents, and friends.  Well, he invited a few friends to the beach and we were fine with that, but a few friends turned into close to 15.  Way to much, you know how that happens, they call each other and the next thing you know you have a houseful.  We sucked it up so he can have fun.

When they were leaving, my husband and myself told them to respect out house.  We told our son, he could have a few friend over but no big parties. Our son was flying back to Arizona on Friday so we wouldn’t be able to see him after he left the beach. They agreed.  That was a joke.

On our drive home, me and my husband just talked.  No radio, just talked about what a great time we had.  No traffic, perfect drive home.  Then we pulled into the driveway……………………

When we walked into our home, I can honestly say I cried.  My dinning room curtains were down, there was a hole in our downstairs bathroom door.  This one I love, every glass we owned was in the sink overloaded. We have a dishwasher, so  I don’t know where everyone else places theirs but mine is next to the sink.  The temperature was changed to 61 degrees with windows open, really.  My garage floor was all graffiti with sidewalk chalk,  the one that really got me was, I was very strict about NO ONE IS TO SLEEP IN MY BED.  As you can guess, my bed was a mess and someone did.  My floors were so sticky, that I started washing them on my hands and knees to be able to clean them good, but I guess a glass was broken so I ended up cutting my hand on broken glass.

Maybe I needed to vent to get it out of my system.  I have a question, all these people were not children, they are in their 20’s, what the hell is up with this? What happened to the word RESPECT for others?

Ok, got it out of my system, moving forward now.



8 thoughts on “Coming home from vacation…..

  1. You and my mother have a common problem. Only her son moved out, got married, had two kids, and then he got divorced and moved back home! He constantly leaves the house in a mess (disaster area, is more accurate) and takes money from my parents on top of the salary he earns from our family’s farm! When you get your house back to a livable situation, let me know how you managed it!


  2. Oh no 😦 it is such a horrid feeling. There were a few years when my stepdaughter did something similar albeit not as bad. We had some sticky relationship moments but the good news is you can get through it, and now if they borrow the house I come back to lovely surprises that make me smile.
    So hugs for now and fingers crossed he learns and shows respect in the very near future.


  3. Thank you all for your comments, cleaned up and house is back to normal, except my washing machine wouldn’t work also. Called a repairman yesterday, result we had to go out yesterday to buy a new one. Won’t be delivered until friday…still waiting to wash all the beach clothes.


  4. I don’t have much to add except maybe the only way he’ll start respecting your stuff is when something that is important to him gets destroyed. Not saying go out and trash his car, but until something like that happens to him he won’t care. It stinks.


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