Vacation time Hampton Beach New Hampshire 2015

Last week we took our annual family vacation at Hampton Beach.  We have been renting the same cottage for 10 years, and this was the first year no medical problems.  It was my husband, Lauren, my son Mikey, Katie and my granddaughter Maddie and of course myself.

 beautiful weather


Before the transplant, Lauren was a sun goddess, you know no sunblock, just oil.  Well those days are over for her.  The meds that she takes , surprises her immune system, so she needs to be careful of the sun, she is at a higher risk of sun cancer now.  Now it’s sunblock all the way.


Now this is my other pride and joy, my granddaughter Maddie hanging out with her bachi.  Bachi is polish for grandmother.  I am one proud Bachi.  Maddie is 7 years old, but as any mother or grandmother know they think they are older than what they are.  She had a blast.  Made a friend to hang out with so that made the vacation even better.


Now this is my husband Dean with his best friend Shawn.  Best buddies.  Shawn takes his family on vacation the same week as us, so it’s a family affair.  I call Shawn my brother from another mother.


And this is my son Mikey and my soon to be daughter-in-law.  They have been together so long now that I call Katie my daughter-in-law now, but next August 13, 2016 it will be official.  Vacation is over so we will be in wedding mode.  Happy times ahead.

This is just an overview of our vacation,  wanted to share.




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