football season is here…..

My fun post.  Football season is here..  

                      My buddy Joe and I wearing our new customized Patriot’s jerseys.  We are Patriots fan’s so we thought we would join the team with our last names on them.  The numbers are special to us, they are not player’s numbers, they are our own.

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Football season to me means, good friends getting together and just letting loose for a couple of hours.  Hooting and hollering.  Sometimes you just need to get it out of your system.  It’s my release.


Let’s have a fun and exciting season.

Now a dedication for my husband, Dean.  Oakland Raider’s fan for life.



He will support my team when they play, so I support his team when they play.

DSCN2860yes that is me, we went to a Raider’s game in New Jersey, I hate to say this, but had a great time hanging out in the black hole. Raider fans know how to tailgate. OMG


Seats were amazing, 5 rows up.  They were playing the Jet’s.  Not a Jet’s fan at all. So after a couple of beers, I had a great time.


Leave a comment, just wondering who your favorite team is???

The weekend is here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Time to relax, with a big cold one.

About 3 months ago the weekend really didn’t mean that much to me.  You see, I stay at home taking care of my daughter.  Even though she is 25 years old, I am listed as her caretaker.  Lauren has a form of MD, so she still isn’t as strong as she used to be before her heart transplant. As a caregiver for Lauren, the weekends don’t mean anything to me.  That part of my life is the same no matter what day it is.

But, now this is a big but, the weekends do mean, take some time for myself.  Couple of months ago, my husband blatantly told me I am entitled to enjoy the weekends.  He has been telling me this for a while, but I finally listened to him.  In that content, to me it means….no laundry, no yard work, no mopping the floors, no ironing, anything that I can get done during the week when he is at work, so on the weekend we can relax together.  It was hard at the beginning, but I put a schedule together on certain days, all the choir are to be done.

I can honestly say, I am not the type of person who knows how to relax.  I always have to be doing something.  I always felt guilty if I was just chilling out.  I had to learn, I’m entitled to relax just like everyone else.

So, I learned how to do this. Now I can sit by the pool with my husband, or watch a movie on a lazy Saturday.

With that being said

Enjoy your WEEKEND