Spoke to soon yesterday, problems with medication

Yesterday, was how can I say was stressful.  Apparently the medication that was given to Lauren for her pneumonia did have an interaction with her other meds.  Lauren was very sick during the night, throwing up after taking the second dose.  There is a big lesson here.

I let me guard down.  Over the years I have learned, Dr’s. are not always right.  The quote “medicine is a science”, keeps popping into my head.  What works for one person doesn’t always work for the next person.  Everyone is different.  Yes, you need to trust your Dr., but there is nothing wrong with questioning their decision.  Before Lauren took the antibiotic that was subscribed to her, I should have done a little more homework on the medication first.  After doing so, I found that it interacts with a couple of her medications that she is presently on.  One being one of her rejection meds.  Not good.

These are the medications that Lauren takes every day, so keeping track of them could be like a full-time job.  When a new medication is introduced into the list, homework is a must.


Lauren has Dr.’s here in Chicopee and also in Boston.  So yesterday, we had them do a conference call to each other to decide what is the best solution on how combat the right medication to clear up the pneumonia.  The whole time in the back of my mind I kept saying (please, no admission in the hospital).   The decision was made, they prescribed her prednisone. Prednisone is a corticosteroid. It prevents the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation. It also suppresses the immune system.    Lauren was on that medication at the beginning after her transplant, so I knew that it would not interact with any of her other meds.  Prednisone is a very strong steroid.  They only prescribed it for 3 day.  It has some strong side effects.  One to mention is shakes.  So the sooner Lauren is done with it the better.

Now this is important, I need to share.

When we were speaking with her Dr. here in Chicopee yesterday morning, explaining how Lauren felt, and after I looked up interaction with the medication they prescribed this is what the Dr. said to us.  “What pharmacy did you go to, it should have come up in their system with all the medication you take”.  It was told to us, it is a two point system.  First one is what a Dr. prescribes, then the pharmacist is the second to check if this should be prescribed.  I guess it is a good system, but before taking any new medication, you should personally question everything.  Inside I feel like I let my daughter down.  Between the two of us, this will never happen again, God willing.

When you are prescribed any type of medication from your Dr., question it.  What works for one person may not work for you.  We are all individuals, no two people are alike.  Here’s another quick tip.  When you go to the Dr’s., they are on a time schedule by law.  For an office appointments they are only scheduled 15 minutes per patient.  That is what the insurance companies allow.  Don’t let a Dr. rush you if you have questions.  The insurance companies dictate to the medical community to some point how to run their practice.  Don’t let them rush you out if you feel confused or if you have questions.  Remember you are the important person in that room.  It’s all about you. Get the right facts and information.

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Lauren has Pneumonia, no hospital stay

The last couple of weeks, Lauren has had a cough that was not getting any better.  Every time Lauren doesn’t feel good, I go into panic mode.  Flash backs are so real.  These feeling are so real.  Not sure if I could live through this image again.  Lauren is not in the hospital, but this is what I see in my mind, when I think about Lauren when she doesn’t feel well.

mom 1226

Lauren’s immune system is compromised from the heart transplant.  She needs to be very careful of any sickness that is going around.  With all the sanitation and Lysol I use in our house, I cannot kill all the germs.  Impossible to say the least.  Life is around us.

Many germs can cause pneumonia. The most common are bacteria and viruses in the air we breathe. Your body usually prevents these germs from infecting your lungs. But sometimes these germs can overpower your immune system, even if your health is generally good.

On Monday, Lauren went to her doctor.  After her exam, they sent her to the hospital for a chest X-ray.  The X-ray showed she has pneumonia.  Thank the Lord, the Dr.’s said we caught it early.  No hospital stay, they put Lauren on Zithromax Z-Pak.  So the next week, I am praying the medication works and takes care of her lungs.

With cold and flu season here, please be mindful of your surroundings.  Germs spread everywhere.


Two Historical Dates

What is going on in this world?

We now live in such a different world than our parents lived in,  with all the technology we have, is the world really a better place?

The USA was attacked on 9-11.  Paris was attacked on 11-13

Those two dates are important to everyone now, but they were always important dates in my family.  My birthday is 9-11 and my son, Michael’s birthday is 11-13.  What are the chances.


Our hearts go out to all the families that lost loved ones on those dates.

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Fears About Organ Donation

Survey Reveals Unfounded Fears About Organ Donation, US

Transplants / Organ Donations

Surgeon with human organ for transplant
Surgeon with human organ for transplant

A recent online survey of over 5,000 America adults found that misconceptions about the organ donation process are the most likely reasons for the gap between the number of people who would like to be donors and the number who actually register.

The main survey results are revealed in the annual report of the advocacy group Donate Life America. The report is titled “National Donor Designation Report Card, April 2009” and is the second annual report to detail the continued efforts to increase donor designations across America. The survey was conducted by Survey Sampling International for Donate Life America in partnership with Astellas Pharma US, Inc.

Most states in the US now have a straightforward scheme for licensed vehicle drivers to sign up to be organ donors: it only requires a signature and can be done when you apply for or renew your licence.

However, so far only 38 per cent of licensed drivers have signed up, and the survey suggests the reason could be fears and misconceptions about the organ donation process.

The survey showed that:
51 per cent of Americans wish to donate some or all of their organs and tissue.

Another 26 per cent are not sure.

58 per cent mistakenly believe that it is possible for a person to recover from brain death.

51 per cent incorrectly believe doctors may not try as hard to save a life, or aren’t convinced they will, when they know the patient is an organ donor.

44 per cent wrongly think that in the US there is a black market where people can buy and sell transplant organs and tissue.

23 per cent of people who reported being undecided, reluctant, or unwilling to donate their organs and tissue are not sure they would be accepted as donors. (The report said here that in reality, age and health status do not stop people from being potential donors because screening occurs before the organs are recovered for transplant).
The report says there are more than 100,000 Americans waiting for donor organs and tissue, and 18 die every day for lack of available organs.

There are also faces behind the numbers, and the report describes inspiring stories of donors and recipients, and the not so fortunate patient who died while waiting for an organ to be available.

Lorri was a 35-year-old mother who suffered a brain aneurism and was declared brain-dead but she had registered as a donor and “thanks to her compassionate gift seven people received lifesaving organ transplants, and countless more received the gifts of healing and renewal through tissue transplants”. The report describes her decision as giving peace to her family.

Seven year old Mikey can now do almost anything other boys his age can do, like ride his bike, roller skate and swim, thanks to a life saving liver transplant. But sadly baby Ryan, who was born with a dangerously enlarged heart, died at seven months while waiting for a new heart to become available.

Sara Pace Jones, who is chairwoman of Donate Life, told the New York Times that erroneous beliefs about organ donation could be a result of how it is shown on television dramas. She said some TV shows don’t have time in an hour to tell the whole story, and this can lead to inaccurate portrayals of how donation works.

“Many times I have seen a story unfold where the same physician treats the patient when admitted to the hospital, takes them to surgery, pronounces the patient dead, accesses the transplant list and does the organ recovery and transplant. But this is not how the donation process happens,” said Pace Jones.

But she stressed that the “doctor who is trying to save the life of the injured patient is not the same doctor who recovers organs for transplantation”.

Many people also don’t realize that the organizations that check the donor and patient registeries and co-ordinate the donations are separate from the hospitals that treat the recipients, she added.

Pace Jones said that people are reassured when they realize that “everything will be done to save their lives after an accident”, and when they understand that “the doctors who treat them have nothing to do with the transplantation process”.

Please take a moment and consider becoming an organ donor.

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2015 Westfield Downtown Cultural Series, great day

On Saturday October 17th, Lauren was invited to represent Donate Life at this great Event.  It was a very windy day, overtime we set her table up the wind would come by and blow everything off.  But that is the price we pay, to promote donor organ awareness.  This was a two-hour event and Lauren was able to sign up three new donor’s.  Great successes.


Joe Whalen and his band played.  Joe is also a heart transplant receipt.  It was so cold that day, but a very nice event to enjoy.


Joe and Lauren with one of their nurses from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston Ma  They are survivors, ready to take on the world today.


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2015 Westfield Ma. Downtown Cultural Series

2015 Westfield Downtown Cultural Series

Saturday, October 17, 2015     2-4 p.m.

Lauren and I had the pleasure of meeting Joe, when we were in the hospital in Boston Ma.  Lauren was recovering from her heart transplant and Joe was waiting for his new heart to arrive.  A beautiful freindship began and continues……..


The trio will be performing as part of the downtown cultural series developed from a grant provided by MassDevelopment to bring attention to underutilized spaces in the downtown core area.

The show will take place at 55 ELM STREET from 2-4 pm. on Saturday, October 17th

The music we showcase is a collection of Latin Jazz, Modern jazz, traditional blues in the styles of BB King and Elmore James, as well as bringing a jazz twist on such artists as the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix.

Join us for a great fall afternoon concert. Bring a chair, visit one of the local shops, grab some food and drink, and just have a good time with us

We will also be raising awareness for the group DONATE LIFE. Donate Life America is an organization that helps raise awareness and educate about the need for people to become organ and tissue donors. Without my heart transplant 18 months ago, this concert would not be possible. Please come down and talk to either Joe Whalen or fellow heart recipient Lauren Meizo of Chicopee to get information about how you can help.


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Liebster Award

Liebster Award


I have been nominated by Judi, from My Big Fat Rheumatoid Life,   Judi writes about living with RA and life as a mother.  I love to read her new post, you never know what the subject is going to be.  Little tidbits of humor, can be thrown in to give you a chuckle.  As she says, “there’s nothing like a spot of chronic illness humour”.  I am honored to be nominated, and feel thankful I have wonderful people who enjoy reading my post.


The Liebster Award nomination is given to new bloggers – to encourage creativity and help promote their work in the blogosphere.
Here are the rules:

• Make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.

• Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post too.

• Nominate 5 -10 other bloggers who you feel are worthy of this award. Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. You can also nominate the person who nominated you.

• Ensure all of these bloggers have less than 200 followers.

• Answer the eleven questions asked to you by the person who nominated you, and make eleven questions of your own for your nominees or you may use the same questions.

• Lastly, COPY these rules in the post


If you could bring one famous person back to life for a day who would it be?

  Without thinking twice about my answer, it would have to be my daughter Laurens, heart donor.  I would have loved to know what she was like.  We know it was a female and that is all we know to this date.  This beautiful person gave my daughter her life.  I cannot think of anyone that would be more famous, then a person who became an organ donor to help others.

If you could travel tomorrow, where would you go?

I think I would go to Ireland.  Through my site, I have been able to communicate with many people from Ireland.  They are very warm and caring people.  Would love to meet them. 

What would your ideal day consist of?

Everyday being at home with my family is the idea day.  I know that might sound corny, but after living in the hospital with my daughter for so so long, being at home is the ideal day for me.

What is the simplest thing that makes you smile?

When my daughter wakes up in the morning without me having to run up the stairs to tell her to get up.  On the rare days it does happen, I am a happy person with a smile on my face.

How many times have you fallen in love?

Many times.  When I met my husband, it was love at first sight.  When my children were born and my beautiful granddaughter.

What would be your dream job be?

To finally finish writing my book, then traveling around the world to promote our story.  I guess my answer is to be a published author.

Who do you look up to or who inspires you?

I really thought about this one and the only person that keeps popping into my head is my husband, Dean.  He is my number one motivator, who inspires me to be me.

What is your favorite season and why?

I really do not have one.  I love them all.  Living in New England, we have all four seasons.  When they change, I am ready for the change.  I don’t think I could live in a place where the weather is the same all the time.

What is your favorite beverage?

Depends, in the morning coffee, during the day water (I drink close to a gallon a day), social time, Miller Lite Beer.

What is your favorite color?


Question for my nominee’s.  I like the questions that were submitted to me, so I decided to keep the originals.

I nominate:


Haddon Musings,http://haddonmusings.com

Life is great,http://lifeisgreat0.com




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Message from Ireland

I felt the need to post this message, if anyone would want to attend the service if you live around the world.  It will be webcam.  In the USA here it will be at 7:00a.m.  Please check your time differences.

Cian will be reposing at his home today, 34 The Village Green, Carlanstown from 2pm – 8pm. Removal on Friday morning (house private please) for funeral mass at 12 noon, Mass of the Angels in St. Colmcille’s Church Kells. Burial afterwards in Staholmog Cemetery. Cian’s mass will be streamed live for all his friends worldwide at http://www.kellsparish.ie/our-parish/webcam 💜

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