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This is a story of life after a heart transplant.

 I felt compelled to write about what life has been like since my daughter Lauren had her heart transplant.  After living in the hospital for almost 2 years, our lives have changed.  I hope in writing again we can keep helping others that may be in the same situation we were in and also what life is like after going through such a life changing event.

To read about Lauren’s journey on the heart transplant list, click on the above link on our pages section, Lauren’s journey.

Not only do is this blog about us, I want to promote and educate people in organ donation.  It could be one of your best decision you can make.  Together we can help and save lives.

If you are having an benefit or event to help someone, please let me know I will be happy to post it.

Lynne Robitaille



6 thoughts on “About

  1. How wonderful that you are able to write this new blog. What an amazing gift, your family has been given. Wishing you many many years of joy to share with your daughter Lauren.


    • Thank you so much Evelyn. It is sad to say but, after going through the past couple of years, you realize that doctors just can’t make you better. Yes Lauren received a beautiful new heart, that we will always remember the person who gave it to her. Life is the greatest gift. I hope this new blog can help people that are in the same situation, No one is ever alone.. Lynne

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  2. Hi Lynne! You recently nominated me for an award & instead of doing the usual I shared your about page on my blog. I hope you don’t mind. ☺️ I feel like sharing your story is more important than an acceptance post. All the best with you and Lauren. God bless!


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