Looking for some Advice

For a long time, people have been telling me, Lauren’s story should be a book.  Well, for the past year I have been working on it.  The final manuscript should be done in about 2 months.  So exciting….

I have worn many hats in my life, so now I want to wear that hat that say’s Published Author.  Now how to achieve this??????????

I have been looking at different self publishing companies, just not sure which one would be the right fit.

If anyone has any advise you can pass on I would really appreciate it.

The one goal of this book is to maybe people other’s that are in the situation we were in.  Let them know they are not alone, like I felt.  When you find yourself in a world you have no idea what is going on, what is going to happen, you feel so lost.  I hope our story would give comfort, that their are other families out there, and you can get through it.

Thank you in advance for any idea’s

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NEBA Funny Fun , laughing for a cause

If you are looking for a night of fun, here it is.

NEBA  New England Business Associates first annual comedy Fundraiser.

Headliner Jeff Charlebois, a professional comedian from LA

To purchase tickets, click on link below


NEBA FUNNY FUNdraiser Save the date.jpg

For all local viewers of Mass Appeal

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for Lauren.  Her first TV interview.

Lauren is going to be on Mass Appeal TV Show.  She is nervous , it is  recored live.  April is National Donate Life Month, time to spread the word.  Set your DVR’s.

We would like to thank the city of Chicopee for flying the Donate Life flag in front of city hall.

Lauren’s radio spot on Rock 102 has been changed to next Monday, on the Bax & O’Brien Show.  Last time she was on, she knew how handle them lol.

Please consider becoming an organ donor.

Click on the link on the top of the home page to sign up

Love Lynne  donatelifelogo_400x400

Hung our Donate Life Flag Today



This morning Lauren and I went outside and proudly hung our Donate Life Flag on the flag pole.  Today starts National Donate Life Month.  Also our city of Chicopee proudly hung the flag in the center in front of City Hall.

If you are not a donor as of yet, please consider it.  Click on the link on the top of the site to learn more about your decision.

Thank you

Lynne   1437940979_love_valentines_day_11




April is National Donate Life Month

Sign up today, click the link below for information on how to become a donor.




Lynne  1437940979_love_valentines_day_11