Buddies, Lauren and Joe


Lauren and Joe Whalen

Yesterday Lauren went to visit one of her best buddies.  They have a special bond that only they will know.

They both had a heart transplant.

We met Joe and his family when we were living in Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston Ma.  Lauren already received her heart at the time, but having so many complications after the transplant, it took Lauren 5 months to recover.  During that time, we met Joe.

Joe was on the heart transplant list, he had a LVAD.  Medical reasons at that time he needed to be hospitalized for his waiting time.  I remember Joe walking with his machine doing laps around the hospital floor all the time.  Joe wanted to keep his body as strong as it could be, plus to be honest there wasn’t really anything else to do.  Walking the floor you can at least talk and meet people.  That’s how Lauren met him.  After talking with Joe, we found out he lives about 10 miles from our house.  Joe and Lauren instantly became friends.  They were great support for each other.  Joe received his gift of life in April.

Since then Lauren and Joe have kept in touch.  I feel blessed that Lauren has someone in her life that she can talk with, laugh with and I’m sure cry with.

Joe is a music teacher, so when we were living in the hospital, Joe created a song about living in the hospital.  We would joke and call the hospital the Cardiac Hotel. Please take a moment to listen to it.  It Is beautiful.



6 thoughts on “Buddies, Lauren and Joe

  1. Thank you, it makes me glad that I am getting the word out there. It is so important. I wouldn’t have my beautiful daughter here with me today if it wasn’t because someone signed up. Still waiting to meet the family.


  2. He’s got a really good voice! The tune is so catchy… I’m so glad Lauren and Joe found each other. There’s a bond there that no one else but heart transplant patients will ever have. It’s odd how humans bond more through illnesses and chronic conditions than they do in normal situations, but I understand the feeling. When I was in the eating disorder ward, I was able to find friends there that I really bonded with.


  3. Yes, we recipients tend to gravitate to other recipients. We know what the others are thinking about, worrying about …… our joys, our fears, our never ending gratitude. After 8 years, I have LOTS of recipient friends …… live life, then give life. Be well, DAP


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